7 Interesting Facts about Androphobia

There are many fears triggered by fears of animals such as spiders or snakes. Other worries are related to situations like being on your own or in a high spot. Some people might also be more afraid of others. Androphobia is an extreme fear of males. Women’s movements employed this term to describe “gynophobia.” This term refers to women’s fear. Here are some facts about males who are afraid of women.

1. Word Origin

The phobia is rooted on it’s roots in two Greek words. They words are “Andros” (man) and “Phobos” (morbid fear). It is possible to see “andro” in androgen (male sexual hormone). In Greek mythology, Phobos is the son of Ares (god of war) and Aphrodite (goddess of love). Phobos is the god-like spirit of panic and fear. His brother and he would create the fear of their father’s footsteps. Therefore, these two words are a reference to being afraid of man.

The most common names for phobias are two words merged. First word refers to the one that causes the fear. The second word is phobia.

2. Age and Gender

Gender and age have been linked to this fear. Many of us believe that it’s only women that are scared of males. Men, too, are afraid of men. This may be due to the fact that men abuse males who are younger or older. Men’s phobia is the most prevalent among young children (esp. young girls).

3. Symptoms

Additionally, it is difficult to tell when someone or you have an fear of males. The symptoms can range from mild to serious. So, take a look at these symptoms to find out if you are suffering from this fear.

  • Be concerned when you see or think about men
  • Certain people have a difficult communicating with men. People who suffer from this fear tend to stumble when speaking to males.
  • Feeling anxious or panicked in the presence of men
  • Be wary of a man, even if you haven’t done anything wrong to you.
  • Anxiety increases when a person gets closer to you.
  • In the places where there are males
  • The signs of anxiety. Examples include sweating, a rapid heartbeat tight chest, trouble breathing, nausea and fainting.

Children can cry or scream in fear of men. They could leave men behind and turn to their mothers.

The majority of these symptoms manifest in men. However, in extreme instances even Men’s thought can cause anxiety.

4. Possible Causes

The causes of specific phobias aren’t easy to identify. There is a diagnostic procedure for the phobias. But only doctors can identify the root of the problem. Here are some possible causes for this fear.

  • Traumatic experience in the presence of men (e.g. mental, physical, and sexual assault)
  • It could happen because of the information you receive from people about men. If you frequently watch films that feature men who play the negative part, you might be afraid of them as well.
  • A series of relationships that are abusive

5. Risks

Who is more likely to being scared?

  • Children. Children are more susceptible to developing fears, like as androphobia. This could be because of adult males abusing the child. It could happen physically or verbally. It could also be sexually)
  • Genetics. If someone in your family has a fear it is likely that you be one too.
  • Brain function changes. Brain injuries can also lead to fears.
  • A traumatic experience of someone that you have met. Hearing about someone’s experience of experience of men’s violence could cause you to be frightened. For instance, you frequently get news reports or through your circle of friends about males who abuse others. In the end, you could be frightened or even dislike males.

6. Different from Misandry

Men’s fear and hate for men are two different things. Although the causes could be the same as the phobic. Misandry-prone women do not run away from males. Instead, they can speak the issue. The shaming of men and the violence they inflict on them result from an extreme case of this type of hatred.

This displeasure could result from having a negative relationship with a male. When the feminist culture increase, their hatred of men is also rising. They are doing this by highlighting the social issues that concern men.

7. Complications

There are times when a person who has phobias that was treated. This can lead to more issues, like:

  • Social isolation
  • Disorders of the mood
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts , or suicide attempts to commit suicide

Women who are older may not want to have a relationship or to make friends with men because of their fears. This is why they are less likely to marry men.

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