9 Unique Types of Phobia

Phobia is a major fear of the person, object an animal, person or other activity. You experience anxiety and panic attacks when you come across them.

The most common reasons for being afraid are as follows:

  • You’ve had a terrible experience regarding it.
  • It could be a result of your family’s history.
  • The surrounding environment can make you feel uneasy.

Studies have shown that there exist many different types of fears. The most common kinds of phobias include fears of heights, blood dark, death, and blood. It’s true, you might be interested to know there exist fears you haven’t yet heard of.

Here’s an alphabetical collection of strange phobias that you don’t know about:

1. Nomophobia

The people who suffer from this kind of fear has been afflicted with a fear of not carrying their mobile phones. They are afraid that something might be wrong after their battery went low or they have no signal.

The people who experience difficulties keeping the mobile phone. They are checking their phones from time to the time.

The possible consequences of this fear be:

  • You are using your phone while you eat.
  • You can’t sleep well.
  • Being unproductive for a day.

2. Globophobia

It’s all about anxiety of balloons. Someone with this condition will fear of balloons is scared to watch it on television or on social media. It usually begins in childhood. So, going to parties and having negative thoughts about balloons can trigger this anxiety.

Some of the possible indicators could include:

  • We aren’t going to parties.
  • It is easy to get nervous.
  • The heart beats so quickly.

3. Ergophobia

Another item on the list of phobias is anxiety of work. People who have this anxiety experience anxiety every time they work their job. So, those with this fear can feel down and depressed.

It’s the result of an experience that has caused too much sorrow or pain following the completion of something. The person who suffers from this condition can be diagnosed as a child. It can also begin in the school years.

4. Eisoptrophobia

The reason for this is not wanting to look in the mirror. The people who suffer from this are scared to look at themselves in the mirror. This is due to a variety of reasons , including:

  • Ghosts can be seen on the reflection.
  • Someone has had an accident that was traumatic.
  • They are self-conscious and have low self-esteem.

5. Arachibutyrophobia

Additionally, it’s also a strange anxiety. This is a type of fear in which one is scared of getting peanut butter the roof of their mouth. There is however only a small percentage of people with this fear.

The most common people with this condition are:

  • Allergy to peanut butter.
  • Are you afraid of being choked.
  • You don’t feel comfortable when something is going through your mouth.

6. Nostophia

It’s a fear returning home. The people who suffer from this may have had a history of the abuse of their home. They may also be afraid to spread negative news to their family.

The person who experiences:

  • Think about what others are going to think of what other people will.
  • Believing that you are at risk of injury.
  • It is important to stay at liberty throughout the day.

7. Coulrophobia

It’s a fear of clowns. Most kids acquire this fear after seeing clowns at events. In addition, they see clowns as being monsters, similar to the ones they see on TV. It could also stem from an unpleasant experience of clowns.

The people who have experienced are:

  • Hands sweating and shaking
  • Are you suffering from headaches?
  • A tingling sensation due to nervousness

8. Othophobia

One of the most painful of these list of fears is the anxiety of looking up. There are many causes why people suffer from this fear. An unfortunate event in their life could trigger this kind of anxiety. Additionally, it could stem from the family history of their parents. It could be due to your medication.

The possible effects this could have for your life include:

  • You lose motivation
  • I have a difficult time getting near to people
  • It could be that you feel like you’re never all by yourself.

9. Chorophobia

It’s the fear of dancing. Someone who is affected is extremely uncomfortable dancing. It could be because of being unsure. In addition, thinking too much about what people may say can impact your confidence. This is due to the negative experience when they were children.

If you experience this condition, you may be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Be aware of your movements.
  • Uncomfortable dancing.
  • Do not participate in any dance activity.


Apart from medication physicians often suggest therapies. They will also show you how to beat your fears, without worried. This isn’t simple but it will allow you get rid of all worries.

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