These Foods Will Make You Happier

Food is a source of happiness Food is a great source of happiness, it’s not a secret. However, certain foods can make you feel happier more than others and therefore are highly required, particularly on dark autumn days. Find out what foods can be the most effective mood-enhancing foods.


Blueberries are loaded with power and are considered to be a superfood. They are because they have a large number of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, and they help to make your body more resistant to infections. Additionally, the blueberries from the wild are rich in flavonoids. A British study conducted by Claire Williams, Professor of Psychology at the University of Reading, demonstrates the effects on mood that these plants. One of the benefits is: Blueberries are also considered a powerful anti-ageing ingredient.


It’s been widely established the benefits of fish, and it contains numerous omega-3 fatty acids that improve the function of our brains and safeguard our hearts. The doctors of Qingdao University in China were in a position to discover a different connection during their studies that people who consume large amounts of fish decrease the chance of being diagnosed with depression. This is why salmon and co. should be on your food list at a minimum of once per week. Vegans and vegetarians alike are not required to go without essential fatty acids that are found in their diet as linseed oil, soy, and chia seeds contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dark Chocolate

This a good news story for all chocolate lovers. Chocolate is healthy and can make you feel happy. Most importantly dark chocolate that has an abundance of cocoa has a positive impact. Since it is a rich source of molecules belonging to the phenylethylamine class that is responsible for the creation of serotonin and can cause sweaty palms and stomach butterflies in those who’ve just been in love with it. Like blueberries, chocolate also has lots of flavonoids which can improve mood during cloudy days.


There isn’t a single area that we have in our bodies connected to general health, especially the intestinal tract. Because researchers and nutritionists have realized that if our intestines are performing well, that is also true for us. The analysis of nutrition studies revealed that probiotics can be beneficial to people suffering from depression. This is why foods like natural yoghurts and kefir ought to be on the menu daily. If you’d like to eat the highest-quality strains of bacteria that do not contain lactose, then you could make use of sauerkraut.


Bananas are also high in tryptophan when combined with carbohydrates. This is a component that aids in serotonin conversion. Contrary to chocolate, the banana which is a mood food has fewer calories, as well as it is loaded with healthy minerals and vitamins. The vitamin B6 in it is one example. It helps to calm the nerves. Magnesium is also known to have an invigorating and calming effect. Since it slows down the activity of nerve cells that are activated by stress.

Chili, Pepper And Paprika

Hot spices can also provide you with happiness Capsaicin is the name for the ingredient at the heart of the heat of chilli and the spice paprika. When we consume spicy foods our brains receive the signal of pain which releases endorphins. Piperine, a substance found in peppers has the same result. The hormones that promote happiness triggered by pepper, chilli or hot peppers don’t just help to ease the pain of spicy foods however, they also promote peace and happiness.

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