Top 5 Pizza Places Around The Globe

Pizza is the food of choice that is enjoyed by millions and the top takeaway choice, and one of the numerous classic dishes that have taken over the world. Pizza is one of the foods that can be found almost everywhere, and it’s food that is modernized, reinvented and restyled, as well as dull. But, for those pizza lovers seeking the finest pizza, we’ve prepared it for you. Pizza is regarded as a serious dish across the world. In Italy, there are certain conditions to meet to be recognized as authentic. Here are the top five pizza that you need to try at least once in your life!

Spacca Napoli- Illinois

True to the tradition of the classic Neopolitan pizza Specca Napoli has been maintaining this tradition for over 10 years. The pizza restaurant prides itself on using only the best ingredients, and the highest quality. They provide a service unique to Chicago and are renowned for having the most fluffy and perfect dough-to-crust texture. This is an absolute must-visit in Chicago as we all know that Chicago is known for the finest pizzas.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele- Naples

Naturally, if you’re seeking the best pizza, Italian places must make the top of the list, especially in the birthplace of Pizza: Naples. La Antica Pizzeria Da Michele has been an establishment that is highly praised by everyone who has tried it. The reviews are more than any negative experience, and the bustle and hustle will reveal just how popular this pizza has become. The lines are always long, but it’s worth the effort and no one was ever disappointed. the best Naples offers.

Emily- New York

The proprietors of the establishment are two couples whose first meal was pizza served in the room they shared in their college dorm. After that, they moved on to open two of the best pizza eateries in New York City. The couple has shared their stories over pizza, and their feelings for one another, and their pizza has become an amazing story. The pizza they serve is crisp, thin and packed with flavour. Knowing the background could help make your experience more enjoyable.

Starita- Naples

Starita has branches across Italy in Italy and New York and is an award-winning company for pizza. We recommend the Naples location as the first option – there’s something special that is delicious about pizza from Italy with freshly prepared Italian ingredients. But, if Naples is not within reach, New York will certainly do. Be patient, since these establishments always have a line. We assure you that you’ll leave satisfied and grateful that you have waited.

Pizza- Los Angeles

In the middle of LA, This location has managed to modernize and blend Italy with LA’s healthy and organic philosophy. The mix of Italian ingredients and fresh local produce is what makes it possible to create a fantastic pizza. PIZZA gets its ingredients from local farmers’ markets and then creates innovative and unique pizzas. They’ve brought to you an experience that is unlike others and elevated the idea of pizza to be more individual.

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